EMEA Cybersecurity recruitment

Recruitment and transition management firm specializing in Enterprise Risk Management and Cybersecurity / Cyber Defense on behalf of large corporations and international groups, especially in EMEA.

Consisting of a network of experts, managers and confirmed leaders of the IT and Cybersecurity sectors, our recruiting firm is forged to assist you in selecting the best elements to lead the projects of your company :

  • senior executives (CEO, Territory manager, VP, C-Level, CFO, CISO …)
  • and senior experts (7 years and over) in Safety, Risk management and Cybersecurity

As part of the now imminent Brexit, we can select and recruit for you your future EMEA Director and all his team.

We also select for you recognized experts for transition management missions (especially for the recovery of activities and LBOs), as well as the selection of recognized experts in risk management, safety and cybersecurity.

Finally, we provide outplacement and Executive coaching services.

Contact : recrutement@uvu-group.com

Follow the new vacancies on LinkedIn, or also on Twitter: @uVuGroup / https://twitter.com/uVuGroup

(Not all vacant positions are published on LinkedIn and Twitter, those published on LinkedIn filled are deleted upon taking office of the candidate)